Helpful links

  • Urban Ag News is a good source for current news related to urban agriculture.
  • Start a Farm in the City is a joint project of NCAT and ATTRA. It provides information and resources on starting and running an urban farm.
  • MetroFarm is an online publication which provides information about urban farming. They present news, publish a newsletter, list books, and host a discussion forum.
  • Resource Centers on Urban Agriculture and Food Security (RUAF) is an international network of six regional resource centers and one global resource centre on Urban Agriculture and Food Security. Their website is loaded with publications, references, and urban agricultural resources.
  • The USDA‘s National Agriculture Library has an Urban Agriculture page with publications and links in the "Local Foods and Communities" section of their website.
  • Read the TIME Magazine Article: Adventures in Urban Farming.
  • Read The Ecology Center's Article: 10 Ways Urban Farms Benefit the Community.