Our Farms

YourTinyFarm.com was started because many people do not have access to affordable, healthy food. Urban agriculture helps to correct this by providing healthy food by eliminating the middleman and increasing the opportunity for community members in need to participate in the growing of this food.

Homelessness is among the most urgent social crises of our time. And while it’s true that there are many organizations and programs working to meet the growing need, it’s not enough. We believe that we will never end homelessness by pointing our fingers and waiting for someone else to solve it: government, nonprofits, religious institutions. We believe we will only end homelessness when each of us gets involved. When we open our lives in big and small ways to the most vulnerable among us. YourTinyFarm.com provides a tangible solution that is also an invitation to come closer and to open our hearts. By doing this, it uniquely builds our collective compassion and capacity for all of the needed solutions.

We fund our Tiny Farms just like we build them -- one by one, and with the support of the community. Support for project management and community engagement comes in part via donations on PayPal.

We currently have two small farms located in Cloverdale, CA and are actively seeking additional locations. This could be a neighborhood backyard with extra space, a front yard or even just a few unused planter beds. You provide the space and access to the property and we do the rest with minimum intrusion.


Here Are Some Pictures of The Current Farms